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Fetish Sessions Tenerife Five Senses

Five Senses fetish sessions push you to the limit no matter if you are a novice or a highly experienced slave, a challenge is always welcome. Fetish means whatever you want, it could be.

Domination either physical or mental

From the moment you enter the villa and the playrooms, we expect total compliance. You may have a fetish preference to clothes, it could be latex, rubber, women's clothing or something as simple as underwear for you, just state your wishes so Mistress may prepare for you.

Your Mistress at Five Senses expects total compliance with the house rules. Failure to comply with dungeon rules can be very painful, the expectation in your eyes of the pain and abuse to come is enough to set the mood.

Five Senses Fetish Tenerife does not offer sex in the session, any such request will be met with a humiliating experience, you have been warned.

Domination Assessment

Before your first Tenerife Fetish Five Senses session Mistress likes to talk with you to assess your wishes and aspirations, talking through scenarios before we get into our roles after this chat. 

Your wishes are agreed with a Mistress before the appointment session commences, Mistress must agree to any Fetish services and scenarios that you the client wants us to provide and include in the session role play. 

Mistress expects total honesty from you, you will receive the same from us, your humiliation and pain are an aphrodisiac arousing us too, especially when Mistress see the pleasure Mistress is able to give you as part of your session

Mistress Sessions Tenerife South


Five Senses recognise and accept that the Mistress and Fetish Sessions are highly specialised and for the fetish  devotee, Mistress offers her Fetish skills to submissive's, and the client is able to choose any combination of fetish services and role play within your session.

Fetish Tenerife Sessions do not include any toiletry or fetish services that involves blood or strong breath play. Sorry if that is your preference, but we just do not provide it....

Your session starts when you enter the villa gates at Five Senses in Palm-mar Tenerife South. If your fetish service involves humiliation, you will be collared immediately when you enter the property gate is closed behind you.

Five Senses Dungeon

All our equipment is available to Slaves including a wall mounted St. Andrews Cross, leather binding chair, and leather massage couch. On any of these Mistress is able to bind you, or use plastic wrap, and is then free o inflict whatever she wishes on you. \mistress has a very painful collection of implements and takes great pleasure in using them on you, while dripping hot wax on your body.

Unless previously agreed in person with Five Senses, slaves and submissive's who offer their services to be included in a Fetish session as part of another slaves session will be ignored. Mistress has selected submissive's who she chooses for different scenarios, Mistress selects and offers Fetish sessions  combined with other submissive's or on their own if she chooses.

You may be offered a combined session with other Fetish slaves. If it is your fantasy to be in session with other submissive's then Five Senses may offer you highly specialised Fetish sessions, however there are no free fetish sessions ever, so please do not ask.

A full list of fetish services is available by email on application.

Your agreed safe word is only to be used only in the event you wish Mistress to stop the role play, otherwise we continue! Mistress is a professional so when a scene is over, aftercare is the emotional and physical care that’s administered after session to prevent an emotional drop.
session duration in total: 30 minutes    €110
session duration in total: 60 minutes    €160