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Five Senses massage FAQ

Five Senses Massage Your Questions Answered

We immediately wish to put your mind at ease.

To help you enjoy your stay with Five Senses. You may have some questions you need an answer to, here are a few but please just contact us if you have more. Everything we do at Five Senses is just for you our Client. For your enjoyment we will do all in our power to ensure this happens. To avoid any potential "awkward  moments" here are some of the questions we have been asked in the past.

Financial agreement

We respectfully request that once the service is agreed that you pay the lady / man in Euros prior to the start, this avoids any awkward moments, and with this transaction completed both you and the lady can concentrate solely on the service.

Do your staff provide sex?

Our Masseuse's do not offer sex, so we respectfully request that you come to Five Senses with intimate massage or fetish services in mind. It is an intimate and sexually charged encounter, however sex is NOT part of the service.

Are the Website Photos genuine?

Yes, of course, the photos of our staff have been taken when they  joined Five Senses. recent and are genuine. The photos of the Villa, theme rooms, and pool area are of course what you will find on your visit. However, the Website does contain promotional photos for the purposes of advertising, these are clearly used.

Is it ok to show signs, or become aroused during my massage?

Of course it frequently happens during a Clients stay with us. As you become more relaxed, it is a body's way of showing us that you are leaving behind those stresses and daily issues, and enjoying yourself.

Can I touch the Masseuse?

Many of our massages involve mutual interaction,  and body contact is a natural part of the massage. Be guided by your masseuse who will clearly establish any limits. If you are in the "Fifty Shades" suite, strict rules apply in line with the fetish service as ordered by your Mistress.

Do you reach orgasm during the Massage?

Not always, but in a majority of massages it happens as a natural conclusion. Your masseuse will of course use her skills and techniques to arouse you, she will change the tempo of the massage to delay and prevent ejaculation, until if it is natural for you, there is a final release of energies in the form of ejaculation.

Are the ladies who open the Villa door available for massages?

The ladies are part of our administration team only, and very busy running the Villa and Services, and are NOT available for massage or fetish services, sorry!